Our Company

Quest for Quality Management

REDMA’s professional members of staff are experienced and accomplished management development experts, assessors and psychologists.

REDMA’s professional staff have been in the profession of Assessment and Development Centres, Executive Coaching and Management Development / Consulting, as well as having served as senior executives of various entities and/or lectured in reputable academic institutions.

REDMA’s professional staff are Executive Coaches who are International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited.

REDMA also draws on expertise from a network of professionals from around the world whenever necessary.

REDMA capacity is based on the following professional and organizational strengths:

Experience in developing, designing and implementing assessment/development centres; conducting tailor-made management development workshops; management consulting; administering and interpreting various psychometric instruments; helping organisations in managing change and executive coaching.


Internationally acknowledged capabilities in the field of management development and performance improvement – REDMA’s interventions are focused on ultimately improving organisations’ capabilities to achieve their set objectives.


Professional staff with long experience in working with both regional and international clients.


Capable organisational infrastructure to back up the professional team.

REDMA boasts a very solid consulting and performance improvement capability, and prides itself in providing high quality and innovative services to its customers. All REDMA activities are geared towards one quest: assisting organisations improve the quality of their staff and organisational performance.