Leadership / Management Assessments

Assessment and Development Centres

Assessment Centres are one of the most reliable tools available to assess candidates for recruitment and development. REDMA uses world recognised assessment instruments that ensure practical outcomes both in recruitment/selection and development including:

In basket/In tray exercises
Group discussions and Role Plays
business opportunity
Analysis/decision making Exercises
Fact-Finding exercises
Oral presentation Exercises
Written Communication Exercises
Psychometric Instruments
REDMA has the expertise to design and deliver state of the art Assessment and Development Centres and will ensure clients' assessment requirements are met either as an external resource or working in-house to ensure knowledge transfer and build capacity. REDMA assessments can be administered on an individual or on a group basis and can be conducted in-house or from a remote location or virtually.
Competency Based Interview (CBI)

This is a particular type of structured interview in which the interviewer’s questioning is directed at ascertaining the candidate’s qualities or capabilities on a number of specific job-related dimensions of behaviour (competencies) identified for the position.

REDMA assists its clients to identify the competencies needed for the position; and build interviewing skills and confidence of interviewers for more accurate selection decisions. In the end there is increased efficiency and effectiveness in the employee selection process. REDMA CBI’S can be done on location or virtually.

REDMA also works with clients to identify recruitment strategies, recommend recruitment processes, and participates in the screening of candidates for assessment or CBIs depending on the needs of the client.